Our Expertise

Digital technology is changing the way we communicate and advances like the cloud, mobile, social media, big data and robotics are fundamentally changing the way we live. We help organisations understand the potential impact of embracing this change in their customer facing communications and how to change them for the better.
We map customer conversations across all contact channels and touchpoints, highlighting the areas that can drive improvement and how the latest technology can be deployed to deliver improved contact at a lower overall cost. Improved contact means contact that delivers higher levels of customer experience, better conversion and retention rates across all contact channels.  
From strategy to tactics, we have worked with all sizes of organisations to help them understand how they can best use communication to optimise their performance. We use a blend of cutting edge behavioural scientific principles and methodologies and commercial pragmatism to apply psychological theories to understanding and improving customer behaviour.

The impact of customer experience on organisational profitabilty and sustainability is now well known.  Our rich analytic history has evidenced how you can positively impact your customers' experiences to drive the right outcomes for your business.

Customer experience

Our original analytic methodology was entirely manual and there are still times when that is the best way to proceed. Having been involved with automated analytics since their inception, we now have melded the two to deliver a unique approach to analytics. 

Mapping your customer journeys over existing channels can highlight the pain points and triggers for expensive phone contact.  Understanding the cause of contact allows redesigned conversations to drive the right behaviour.

Journey mapping
Speech & data analytics
Conversation redesign

We use our knowledge of behavioural economics and social psychology to redesign your communication to deliver optimum outcomes for you and your customers. Our understanding of how to redesign conversations to take advantage of the latest thinking in this area means we deliver performance improvement much quicker than having to retrain all your agents.


Understanding the nature of conversation and how to change customer behaviour is of increasing importance.  We use our proprietary DEFLECT, MIGRATE, IMPROVE methodology to redesign customer journeys to keep them in the channel of choice and this allows you to deliver higher levels of overall customer experience and satisfaction at a much lower overall cost of contact

Channel shift
Additional services

We're business people first and foremost and bring all that business acumen and experience to help our customers get the most out of their customer facing operations.  Other specialities include:


- Outsourcing procurement

- Technology audits

- Process reviews

- Operational setup & migration

- Outsourced quality management