Customer expectations of experience are constantly rising, driven by the increasing adoption of slick easy to use apps. Ambitious companies now realise that to drive customer satisfaction, lifetime value and advocacy can require a complete transformation of the entire customer experience. 


Use your customer contact data to drive smarter decisions. The complexity of customer interactions in multiple channels means that data exists throughout the company - not only customer care but also marketing, sales, product development, and back-office functions. The opportunity to better understand customer needs and behaviours lies in that data. 


horizon2 have been working with organisations for more than 12 years to help them understand how better use of data and associated improved customer experience can deliver significant improvement and growth.

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The most important ingredient to a game-changing analytics program is not technology, it’s smart people. As intelligent as the software is, as fast as the hardware responds, without proper leadership, analytics doesn’t compute. Being successful with analytics is about having the right mindset, the right organisational model, and the right strategy. Gartner